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hey guys i am Daniyal your new friend i tell you my my story so let's start i born in Russia and after this i join children school like always playing

when i am 5 year old i am coming to Pakistan when i see this country i feel very bad and when i see here's town then i will give death from god 

this country is very bad i pray that no one coming here when who will coming there he will kill from there pollution

                                                      when you like my massage please reply

                                                                your friend


                                               Facebook:[email protected]

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But what do you want to explain us? That Pakistan is like Afganistan, awful countries? Hehe, I think we already know that...we are From Romania :P

Be more sociable on server, for example I can respond you in english there ;) if you want be frendly :)


But I want to ask you, why your parents decided to change Russia with Pakistan? They have family members there..or what? Becouse that soud stupid...the economy of Pakistan is nothing in comparation with Russia, it's like your expression, "there is death from god"


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